Heaven's Gate / by Emily Quirk

It feels pretty incredible knowing that we've been throwing shows at the house for over a solid year now. I've been thinking back on everyone who has rolled through New Orleans, slept on our couches, played in our living room, and created an incredible experience in this space we have to share.

This photoset is from two of our most recent shows. The Monday before SXSW was one of my proudest nights of bringing bands together - thank you so much to Heaters, Shah Jahan, Kim Logan, and, last but not least, it was a true honor to host Thee MVPs' first show in the States. 

The last half of the photoset is of Behavior - a band out of LA, featuring Bedros and Evan, members you may recognize from Wand. This set blew my mind, and I recommend catching them on their last few tour dates if you can.