HI & NE-HI by Emily Quirk

Hello, hello, to all! It's been a while. Life's been busy, full, and fast-paced in the realm that exists beyond this screen. Where here it may appear that I've been absent, I assure you that's not how I've been living.

I'm preparing to share with you all I've been working on these past ~8 months. Multiple tours across the United States, studio and day shoots with artists, the current state of political activism, visual work for Original Fuzz, a week of South By Southwest, many, many shows back home in Nashville, TN (where I'm located once again), and so much more. 

Tonight, I want to bring it back to the beginning of this year, in January, with Ne-Hi from Chicago, Illinois, when they rolled through Nashville to play The High Watt. Tonight, they'll be doing this once again, and I hope you'll join me there! 8pm, with FACS and Date Night 

and more to come soon!

Big Freedia for Urban Outfitters by Emily Quirk

Big Freedia for Urban Outfitters

Back in May I had the honor of shooting Big Freedia, THE Queen Diva, in New Orleans for #UOPride month and the "About A Band" series for Urban Outfitters! Full story, interview, and photos below! 

If you know nothing about the New Orleans bounce scene, educate yourself! It's one of the most inspiring, freeing, and positive worlds of music existing today! EXPRESS YOURSELF!



Down with the Pudge by Emily Quirk

A major portion of my recently attended shows have been centered around Pudge, the freshest punk band emerging out of New Orleans. I tried to keep a count of how many of their shows I've attended since their first show at Heaven's Gate in February, but the count's been lost on me. I spent this past week on the road with them in the Northeast, Midwest, AND AT SKATOPIA! !!! Keep your eyes peeled for all those photos and maybe some extra treats to come from that experience. Here's photos from scattered shows since March to tide you over. 

ALSO, back in May, Antigravity Magazine did an interview with Pudge featuring my photos.

All photos I've shot of Pudge are viewable HERE


Western Medication by Emily Quirk

Western Medication in New Orleans, April 2016

Gland on SPIN by Emily Quirk

Gland, photo by Emily Quirk

Gland, photo by Emily Quirk

New Orleans' freshest punk babes GLAND premiered their debut LP "Neurotica" on SPIN at the end of last month. My photo from our shoot in April was featured! The album is available via Community Records, streaming on Spotify, and across all realms of the Internet. Tune in and catch them on their tour in June! 

Heaven's Gate by Emily Quirk

It feels pretty incredible knowing that we've been throwing shows at the house for over a solid year now. I've been thinking back on everyone who has rolled through New Orleans, slept on our couches, played in our living room, and created an incredible experience in this space we have to share.

This photoset is from two of our most recent shows. The Monday before SXSW was one of my proudest nights of bringing bands together - thank you so much to Heaters, Shah Jahan, Kim Logan, and, last but not least, it was a true honor to host Thee MVPs' first show in the States. 

The last half of the photoset is of Behavior - a band out of LA, featuring Bedros and Evan, members you may recognize from Wand. This set blew my mind, and I recommend catching them on their last few tour dates if you can. 

SXSW follow up! by Emily Quirk

I did some photo coverage for She Shreds the Wednesday of SXSW at Hotel Vegas and they're up now on the website, featuring Bleached, Tacocat, the Abjects, UME, BOYTOY, La Luz, and more!

✨ AND  

Topshop asked me and a couple other industry queens about our SXSW experiences and featured my photos! I got to blab about how much I adore Tacocat and got my Shah Jahan boys featured! ~ head over to insideout.topshop.com!  

SXSW 2016 by Emily Quirk

SXSW was just yesterday, wasn't it?

That's what it feels like over here! I've been editing photos over the past week, compiling everything together, and here it is, in its entirety, before you! Six days of nonstop insanity, tacos for every meal, attending shows some 15 hours out of the day, endless Lonestar beers, and somehow finding some time to sleep. I was spoiled with a queen sized bunk bed to return to each night so it wasn't too hard to find my way back "home."

Over the week, I saw 52 different bands, watched (and shot) something like 65 sets - that I could count - and made more friends in a week than I ever think is possible. SXSW remains my favorite week of the year. So, relive it with me, flip through these photos as often as you please! Share them with your friends! Now that I'm going to sleep peacefully for a couple days, I'd love to hear your comments 'n feedback! 

personal rundown:
best stumble-upon: DZ Deathrays pit party
favorite set: No Parents inside American Apparel
haven't stopped listening to since: Tacocat, Bleached, Shah Jahan
best stage attire: tie between Guantanamo Baywatch in bathrobes or the Garden as jesters
best taco: 'Migas' from booth at Hotel Vegas (these kept me alive)
cheapest beer: East Austin house parties
music highlight: ~private~ sets from Thelma & the Sleaze and No Parents at Sahara Lounge
non-music highlight: film screening of Goodnight Brooklyn (about Death By Audio)

Zines may or may not be in the making... if you're into that, shoot me a line!