Austin Psych Fest photo story up on Original Fuzz / by Emily Quirk

I made my first ever appearance to Austin Psych Fest, now known as Levitation Fest, down on Carson Creek Ranch in May. Three days of tramping through mud and heat with the threat of storms looming all weekend, but made it through without a drop of rain, which made way for some seriously stunning sunsets. 

Levitation is easily my new favorite festival. No matter which of the three stages you stumble upon, every band is phenomenal. Everyone in attendance is in the same headspace, on the same level. It's the most here-for-the-music festival I've experienced. In the midst of reuniting with old friends and familiar faces, I also made friends with people from all corners of the world - Australia, Venezuela, Wales, Turkey, Israel, South Africa. 

So here's my photo story of the weekend. Once again thank you to Original Fuzz for being the #1 dudes and helping me get down there. I hope to see all of you next year on the Ranch.