Looking Back on 2017

HELLO! 2017 is finally behind us, and 2018 is launching full speed ahead! I'm extremely excited about what this year holds - it feels like a truly fresh beginning with so much potential and opportunity for what's in store. There were numerous photo highlights the latter half of 2017 for me that I never brought to light through my personal site, so I'm excited to now share these collectively.

For my first throwback, I'm going to wild out with the time The Wall Street Journal reached out to us at Original Fuzz about our experience with La Croix. WHAT?! We're regarded as experts on our favorite fruity, bubbly water and we (somehow) managed to get our team's faces published in the highly esteemed publication with one of my photos. 

The full article can (unfortunately) only be accessed if you have a paid subscription to the WSJ, but here's the proof screenshot I'm giddy to share with you.

The Original Fuzz team, aka La Croix   aficionados   

The Original Fuzz team, aka La Croix aficionados 

In 2018, let's kick back and crack open some ice cold seltzers while we plan our next photo collaboration. Cheers! *sip, ahhh*


Hello, hello, to all! It's been a while. Life's been busy, full, and fast-paced in the realm that exists beyond this screen. Where here it may appear that I've been absent, I assure you that's not how I've been living.

I'm preparing to share with you all I've been working on these past ~8 months. Multiple tours across the United States, studio and day shoots with artists, the current state of political activism, visual work for Original Fuzz, a week of South By Southwest, many, many shows back home in Nashville, TN (where I'm located once again), and so much more. 

Tonight, I want to bring it back to the beginning of this year, in January, with Ne-Hi from Chicago, Illinois, when they rolled through Nashville to play The High Watt. Tonight, they'll be doing this once again, and I hope you'll join me there! 8pm, with FACS and Date Night 

and more to come soon!